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Adulterated fuel prices to remain stable – AFC

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Kampala – Ugandan Motorists can look forward to not paying a shilling more for adulterated petrol this month, announced the Uganda Adulterated Fuel Council (AFC).

“We assure all our unsuspecting victims customers that adulterated fuel prices will remain unchanged. There has not been any meeting called to hike the prices as alleged by some sections of the media. ” said Kasozi Dikini, spokesman of AFC.

According to the AFC, world market prices on petroleum products remain stable hence the authority’s resolve to maintain current prices for udulterated duel in Uganda.

“What the loyal unsuspecting consumer should expect is nothing but the best prices. There has also not been an increase in the various chemicals and fluids we use to make this fake fuel hence the stable prices.”, noted Dikini.

However analysts believe this is due to the Government announcing that fuel prices will remain stable throughout the best part of the year.

“AFC suffered huge losses when in consultation with government also hiked the prices of adulterated fuel last year and have since then failed to recover from the shock. AFC can not make the same mistake again.”, said Prof. Byanshara of Makerere University Business School (MUBS).

Several motorists Amawulire spoke too expressed excitement over the news and encouraged other businesses to emulate AFC and keep prices low or stable. “This is awesome, now I can budget bulungi“, said Hajji Zubairi who our reporter found along Namirembe Road trying to jump-start his Lorry in vain after fueling a few meters away.