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Bats deny destroying Apac health facilities

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The Bat community in Northern Uganda, which has been accused of invading several health facilities in Apac District destroying some of the structures, has denied involvement, saying the claims by the district health officer, Dr Mathew Emeron are “shocking” and a cover up for the shoddy work done by the contractors.

In a statement released Monday, the president of the Bats Association of Uganda (BAU), Butt Kawundo maintains that they have communities allover the country living peacefully in health facilities and none has accused them of destruction: “…the claim that we are responsible for the rapid decay of the buildings is utterly reckless.”

“We believe that the false propaganda being spread is a handiwork of some corrupt officials, shoddy contractors and individuals within or outside the district administration who desire to torment and soil our reputation in an effort to severe the bond between us and our roommates patients in health centers countrywide,” he added.

The denial follows stories published last week claiming that Bats are destroying health facilities in the district.

A visibly angry Mr. Kawundo talks to our reporter

In the statement, Kawundo said the public should not be duped by “people who are living in denial” but come forward with key leads, which could help arrest and prosecution of all politicians contractors and whoever “ate enjaawulo”.

“Any person with evidence should come forward in person to prove beyond reasonable doubt that we bats are responsible for the decay other than defaming and insulting us,” he said, adding their bond with fellow humans is still strong and can only grow stronger.

Cowndo Betty, the Bats association spokesperson, said for “anybody to claim that we are solely responsible is utter stupidity”, adding there could be a conspiracy to to exterminate them.

“Do you really believe we can detroy a building to an extent of having such huge gaping holes? We are also not safe in those buildings. We do quality checks before we settle in buildings and trust me, the materials used are substandard. Let us use some common sense because I don’t think it is us who are also eating up your roads,” she said.

However, she declined to comment on whether the bats will sue the district administration for defamation.

Police swung in to action and authorities say they were still conducting investigations after police scene of crime officers had visited and lifted finger prints from some bats at thr health facility.

“Yes the building has been massively destroyed, especially at the general ward and morgue area but at the canteen most of the roof is still intact. We are still investigating,” police said.