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Ghost voters express disappointment over being left out of new cabinet appointments

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Kampala – Ghost voters, teachers, soldiers and others under their umbrella organisation Uganda Ghostline Network (UGN) have expressed disappointment over the President’s recent Cabinet appointments.

The President did not appoint any ghost, be it a ghost teacher, voter or soldier in his latest Cabinet.

The chairperson of the UGN, Mr Muzimu Kakalabanda, told Amawulire in Kampala on Tuesday that excluding any ghost from Cabinet is an act of discrimination.

“Although we are on every government ministry payroll, with big numbers in the Army, Police and take the biggest percentage on the national voters register, none was appointed to Cabinet. We demand to know what criteria the President followed while appointing his Cabinet,” Mr Muzimu demanded.

Mr Muzimu said though there are many highly qualified ghost teachers, staff and voters who have over the years supported the ruling party, they were all overlooked.

Speaking at the same press briefing held at the a cemetery along Jinja Road, Ms Cathy Mulambo, the spokesperson Ghost Voters Network – Kampala Chapter, said ghost voters especially in rural areas are aggrieved by the President’s deliberate decision yet they have always voted the government back in power since 1996.

However, a government official on condition of anonymity, downplayed the claims of UGN. The official said it is NRM that provided structures for the ghost voters, teachers, soldiers and pensioners among others to get involved in government affairs at all levels.

“They have representatives in areas such as Ministry of education, Defence, Electoral Commission and district councils, meanwhile plans are underway to screen the registers countrywide first to weed out ghosts before we can listen to their issues,” he said.