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How to turn on a Ugandan woman

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Alot has been said on how to turn on women and here is what social media has to say 🙂

1. WHEN A MUGANDA WOMAN LOOKS AT 50,000 shillings note she gets turned on automatically .

2. To turn on an acholi woman you must hit her knees with a mingling stick 5 times on each knee …..

3. To turn on a MUHIMA girl you must have a bachelors in bribery ….

4. To turn on a MUGISU woman you must a digitalised dick ( circumcised)

5. To turn on a MUKIGA woman you must be rough in that when she tells you some rough sex you can bite off her ear or boobs ….

6. To turn on a MUSOGA woman buy her a gomesi …. gomesi serves many roles, it can be used as a cloth and as a mattress ….

7. To turn on a MUKONJO woman just slaughter a goat give her the head and the leg’s …

8. To turn on a MUTOORO woman buy her one bottle of soda mirinda …. she will call her relatives and say: ” tinkuruga Kampala erimu obunuuzi”