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HR admins to approach Election losers for degree verification and background checks on new employees

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Kampala: The Human Resource administrators association of Uganda (HRAU) has unanimously agreed to approach politicians who have lost in elections to help them do background checks and degree verification of potential recruits.

This decision was arrived at after several Election losers took up the initiative to verify educational credentials of all the winners by stating that their degrees are fake without even looking at them. Their efforts have led to the previous winners being thrown out of their positions. A UNEB official who spoke to Amawulire said they struggle to verify documents at this kind of speed and the election losers’s reputation at being spot-on has grown by leaps and bounds beyond reasonable doubt.

Not just educational qualifications, HRAU is looking at the losers to provide character and moral certificates of the applicants as well. The losers have been known to be in the know of who is corrupt by mere looking at the face of the person.  Corrupt politicians in Uganda even after being declared corrupt by courts of law with available evidence have welcomed this move saying they are innocent until declared guilty by an election loser.

Opio Jackson, HR head of a leading Telecom company which has asked for the losers’s services, is optimistic that whoever lost will come on board to assist them. “We hire hundreds every year and we are not sure who has a real degree, experience and good criminal record. Once our newly hired Accountant was later found out to be a P4 dropout, former rebel, money launder, smuggler and just fresh out of Luzira prison on aggravated robbery charges. We need people such as election losers who are passionate about degrees and moral records.”

Olive Nakiyemba, a HR admin assistant at a radio station in Kampala who left her all important work and went to Makerere University to verify their new CEO’s degree, spoke to us over phone and said, “Sometimes the elections losers are unable to tell by mere looking at someone’s face if degree is genuine or not so we still have to go to the University to check.”

It is still not clear whether most of the election losers will be able to provide their services to these firms considering their busy schedule of camping at courts of law, candle light dinners with their lawyers, benching the president for RDC or Ambassador jobs, protesting offline and online, holding Press conferences and playing hide and seek with money lenders.