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Kampala potholes welcome KCCA confusion

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Kampala. The potholes around Kampala city  have expressed happiness at the delays and confusion that always goes on at the Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA) and are hopeful that demands to get rid of them would fail as always.

KCCA is always embroiled in never ending  wrangles which seem to affect service delivery. With this, the Pothole Association of Kampala (PAK) hopes that the status quo would be maintained.

The chief pothole filled with tears of joy
The chief pothole filled with tears of joy

“There were some blood thirsty people asking KCCA to exterminate us,” Gutter Kinya, a relaxed and visibly happy pothole, partially filled with tears of joy, told Amawulire. The Bugolobi based pothole is now confident that his life expectancy will not go down.

“My pothole family has lived on this stretch for generations. How the hell do they expect me to just go?. In fact, I am hoping that I’d get new friends near me soon; there is this irritating two-meter stretch of tarmac without any fellow pothole here,” the pothole told our reporter

When asked why he thought there was no much effort from KCCA to get rid of them, the pothole thought for a while (even as three KCCA garbage trucks high-fived him) and claimed that social media and politics could be a factor.

“Maybe those who hate us, like the ones usually seen on Facebook and Twitter or spitting hate speech against us on radio and TV, spend most of their time facebooking or in the courts of law” the pothole guessed, “We thank them for their mess, but our fight against them is far from over.”

The potholes are planning to storm the Police and lodge complaints against those who Tweet or update their Facebook status message with hateful language against them. One pothole has already written an email to KCCA in this regard, sources suggest.

When contacted, an official from the KCCA Executive Director’s office confirmed receipt of the mail, but refused to buy into the to the potholes demands

“That’s bullshit!. The roads are bad. Our technical wing can’t inspect all roads on time because of these stupid potholes, otherwise we wouldn’t be having this conversation,” claimed the official.