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Man arrested for failure to handover TV remote to wife after Fifa Worldcup

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A Ugandan man who had confiscated the TV remote from his wife during the FIFA world Cup 2014 in Brazil was pulled over and surrounded by gun-waving cops just minutes later after the finals because he had failed to return the remote to the lady of the house.

Speaking to Amawulire at her home in Muyenga, Kankunda, the wife said she had no option but to involve poilce. “I have been patient through that painful period of the world cup to land my hands on the remote, we missed lots of soaps and weddings on TV. I sat through the finals hoping that he would hand over the remote immediately after but he didn’t. When Germany won, he walked out of the house sijui to hang with friends and that was when I dialed Kayihura police.”

The 50 year old retired doctor, Mukasa Dickson had just reached the city center when he was pulled over and surrounded by gun-waving cops just past 2am after his vehicle was located by cops after the police followed the tracking device the wife had installed in the remote.

Dickson claims that he was driving along Kampala Road with his girl friend when an unmarked a police patrol vehicle suddenly swerved in front of him and cut him off just near fidodido.

The police Canine Unit and a tear gas truck car arrived at the scene and surrounded the stunned father and his friend.

“All of the dogs and officers exited their vehicles with their guns drawn and pointed at me and my girl .. rather friend who was sitting in the back co-drivers seat,” according to Dickson. “The officers proceeded to yell expletives and commands us informing me not to move and to keep me hands on the steering wheel.”

Dickson claims that his son was placed in the back of the police patrol truck while the police dogs and oofficers combed his car for the TV remote.

After finding the remote and being fiorced to hand over his identification, the cops finally let him go after roughly 30 minutes of armed grilling, he claimed.