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MP thrown out of Parliament WhatsApp group for posting photos of development in his Constituency.

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Kampala: A member of Parliament has been removed from the August House’s WhatsApp group after he posted images of the latest development work he has done in his constituency.

The honorable, a newly elected legislator who was on a one week tour of his area was eagerly waiting to show off his work to fellow MPs. Immediately after completing his tour, he picked up his mobile and sent over 30 photos of various development projects he has so far achieved to the Parliament’s official WhatsApp group. However, this upset his fellow MPs as they had nothing to show or no tangible accountability of their time in Parliament and they unanimously decided to kick him out of their group.

“This is unpardonable. Why can’t he be like normal members of parliament and shame me by being corrupt, demand for expensive cars, more salary or  hide in parliament for 5 years and only show up during elections, he has shamed me in front of all the voters by posting such images showing development. How will I ever show my face in front the voters”, said the MP’s former campaign manager, Mrs. Kafokko.

The Speaker also joined in and expressed disappointment with the MP.  “I was avoiding all WhatsApp messages from everyone in Parliament last weekend fearing they will just waste my data with funny videos but little did I know that there is a bigger threat of someone posting photos of development work they have done in their constituency. Amazing though that he sent them at 3 am in the morning, he normally doesn’t get to Parliament by noon. However, that doesn’t excuse his behavior, showing off your development work by an MP is among the greatest sins in the world and he is guilty.”

As per unreliable sources, initially fellow MPs from the same region thought about removing him from their Association group but then thought he deserves harsher punishment so they removed him from Parliament’s WhatsApp group.

Meanwhile, the Speaker has asked all MPs not to attend the errant MP’s wedding in protest.