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The new Job titles of today’s generation

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Finding a decent job in Uganda is quite a hassle and after getting one, some of us need a decent job title on our business cards.

*Garden Boy : Landscape Executive and Animal Nutritionist
*Receptionist : Front Office Manager/Office Access Controler
*Typist : Print Document Handler
*Messenger : Business Communications Conveyer
*Window Cleaner : Transparent Wall Technician
*Temporary Teacher : Associate Tutor
*Tea Boy : Refreshments Manager
*Garbage Collector : Environmental Sanitation Technician
*Guard : Theft Prevention and Surveillance Officer
*Prostitute : Practical Sexual Relations Officer
*Thief : Wealth Distribution Officer
*Driver : Automobile Propulsion Specialist
*Maid : Domestic Liasion Manager
*Cook : Food Preparation Officer
*Gossiper : Research Manager

Source: Facebook