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NRM and FDC shirts clash inside basin, situation tense

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Kampala. Having been good wardrobe mates for the last three years in the closet of a man who supports the ruling part NRM and his wife who supports the main Opposition party FDC, a yellow t-shirt with a picture of President Museveni and a blue t-shit with Dr. Kizza Besigye were involved in an intense brawl inside a washing basin earlier today.

Rolex being served at the Ministry
Rolex being served at the Ministry

Witnesses who include shirts, underwear, socks aand buttons confirm that the yellow shirt, Kigalo and the blue shirt, Ajagenda were good neighbors in the closet of the couple and they shared no hostilities in the past.

Authorities have urged the t-shirts to emulate Suits that stay together through thick and thin
Authorities have urged the t-shirts to emulate Suits that stay together through thick and thin

“Despite coming from different political backgrounds – Kigalo was brought in during the 2006 general elections  while Ajagenda came in during the 2011 general elections – both of them put aside their age differences to enjoy their new friendship, thanks to the couple,” Zip, a common friend told Amawulire.

“The couple have always kept the the two shirts in the same closet. This helped Kigalo and Ajagenda develop a good bonding,” Mapeesa, a button revealed.

“Although they were on different hangers, they would sometimes find themselves next to each other, which further helped the two t-shirts come closer. We thought they had become good friends,” Mapeesa added.

But things turned for worse when the couple decided to do some laundry on a Saturday morning. Not only that, they decided to wash the two t-shirts too.

“Initially, Kigalo and Ajagenda were happy to be next to each other in the washing basin, though a bit nervous over being touched by several fingers,” Mapeesa recalled, “They even giggled when first drops of water made both of them wet.”

“However, once water soaked all of them and the detergent started showing its impact, the relationship between Kigalo and Ajagenda took an unfortunate twist. The blue colour of Ajagenda was all over Kigalo,” the now traumatized Mapeesa recalled how the relationship turned sour.

“Kigalo tried to push Ajagenda away but couldn’t and for over half an hour or so, Kigalo had blue patches all over him. A serious brawl ensued and punches flew left and right. Now Kigalo is not talking to him even though they have been hanging out with each other since morning,” Mapeesa told Amawulire.

The situation was cooled down by the man who came and squeezed the hell out of the two shirts and tossed them over the barbed wire fence to dry. As the two are awaiting to get dry, sources confirm that the situation is tense, but under control.

Experts are divided over who should be held responsible for destroying the harmony between these two friends. While some have blamed the riot police man, others have termed the teargas water and the detergent powder as trouble makers.