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Pregnancy – Muganda vs Mukiga Woman

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Alot has been said about baganda and bakiga women. Baganda have been termed as being soft and lazy while the bakiga counterparts have been labeled brave and no-nonsense type.

Amawulire dug deep to find out the truth and this is the report on how the two types of women handle pregnancy issues.

Baganda Women

The muganda will quit her job just after three months. She will crave for all things simanya today the baby wants Chicken Tonight, tonight I feel like eating bathing soap, today I feel like eating our blanket. Her family will kutijissa her as if she is the first and last Ugandan woman to get pregnant.

Her mom will migrate to your house and begin doing all the jobs from cleaning the house to taking her to the toilet, to washing her. You would think she is a the baby herself.

Around the eighth month, ho She becomes a problem. mbu sweerie the baby kicked … the baby laughed … I think he will be a footballer, or he will be a musician like Bebe Kool and Bobby Wine. Then at 9 months she tells you she is tired and wants to go and stay in the hospital just in case the baby wisecks and comes early.

She will take as many 3D scans as money can afford. she will take like 2 days just pushing and five months healing among other disturbances

Bakiga Women

She will continue digging the garden till the 9th month. Then one day out of the blue she just calls you saying. hati kyakabare, I think the baby is coming. hati ?,!”?*# yamawwe bring me the scissors.

Then she does uhm uhm then she comes back to the phone and says, Okay the baby is here. I have used the panga to cut the umbilical.I have put our baby on the sack of sweet potatoes. He is still now sleeping. let me finish digging, I will come.

I think we should name him Tumuhimbise becoz he has your nose. Goodbye. let me first finish digging here.

Reserch Source: Socia Media