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Telephone Conversation – Men Vs Women

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Telephone conversations can mask alot when on call but it is all let out once the call ends.

Telephone Conversation between Ladies

Sandra: Hello Love!
Diana: Hello babes-how are u today?
Sandra: Am fine dear, I’ve missed u a lot.
Diana: And me too
Sandra: I am calling just to inform you that I will pay you a visit
this afternoon.
Diana: Ok my dear; it will be a great pleasure to have you. I will
be expecting you sweet.

Sandra: Am going to visit that dirty girl again.
Diana: This witch is coming here again, she thinks I will buy her
drinks with my money again, she must be joking.

John: Bastard how far?
Francis: Mad man how u there? How is ur drunkard father?
John: My father is here! how about your mama?
Francis: You are a fool. How far, are you thereat home?I want
to come and charge my phone.
John: Ok! No zib, bring some money and we go 4 some drinks.
Francis: Idiot I like U. Later now!

John: That Francis can be funny at times but always a great
companion anytime.
Francis: John is just a reliable friend.


Girls are always nice to each other but they never like
Boys are always mean and rude but they will always have each
others back

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