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The evolution of Kampala Rapists

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A section of rapists in Kampala have come up explain how they came in to existence

1. You pass by a Nakasero, she says fruits are healthy (Actually highly recommended!) – 10,000/=
2. You pass by a Nandos, Pizza is her “best dish”; as if!!!!!!!! You swallow and spend 30,0­00/=
3. You reach at Fang Fang, she wants Chinese tea; it’s good for her heath! You fake a smile and pay the 50,000/=
4. You pass by Barclays, “honey do we still have cash?” withdraw 200,000/= that was meant for rent
5. You pass by Fido dido, she wants Ice cream, you part with 10,000/=
6. You reach Orange Shop, her modem has no data, you pay data for a month-95,000/=
7. Finally You reach at a Condom Shop, She wants to go back home. and she starts “Mum must be worried already!” and you wonder why rapists exist???

Source: Facebook