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Ugandan Men React to national budget

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The National Budget has not gone down well with most Ugandans and Ugandan men have come up with the following changes and all concern women:

1. Any girlfriend who lives outside a 1km radius of her boyfriend’s house will now be considered a long distance relationship.

2. No boda-boda’s or special hires anymore, use taxis when coming and there will be no refund!. if u want a refund we need a valid receipt.

3. Mukono, Mbarara, Busega, Seguku, Gulu, Masaka etc are now considered abroad.

4. Things are hard now..If am drinking Bell, you should also order for bell, we can tolerate Tusker & Club, but if you want to be dumped try to ask for Johnie Walker, Smirnoff, or Cocktails (sex on the beach)

5. Concerning airtime, all girlfriends shall be required to stay awake till midnight when calls are cheaper or better still shift to a similar network.

6. Please also note that we shall not be paying for hair plaiting, We shall expect you to grow your hair naturally and use simple things like Avocado to maintain them.