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Ugandan TV viewers bored of old scams, demand new and interesting ones

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With the news in media recently restricted to a few scams by politicians, Ugandans have demanded that there better be some new and interesting scams. If the media doesn’t report any such new interesting scams soon viewers have threatened to boycott the local news channels and go back to watching soap operas stick to social media.

The Uganda Local TV Viewers Association (ULTVA) conveyed the information to all the media houses and copied the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC). Our idle news expert journalist got hold of the president of ULTVA, Mr. Kajanja.

Such messages are irritating Ugandans
Such messages are irritating Ugandans

“Who the hell are they kidding, Uganda is the second most corrupt country in East Africa and hell yeah we make largest scams in the the region”, he said.

“Enough is enough. Ugandans need to be updated on the latest scams and we couch potatoes demand that there be variety and just not beat around the bush with just few scams unearthed, We know it’s in there but they just don’t give it out,” fumed Mr. Kajanja.

Kajanja seemed pretty stressed up at the fact that all scams in Uganda have similar story line and there does not seem to be any variety and suspense.

“Government proposes a plan, the politician involved in the proposal uses his influence and stashes some money along with his friends, somebody who did’t receive his cut blows the whistle, Parliament comes up with commission of inquiry, friends escort politician to court, politician comes out on bail claiming his innocence. Someone steals the court case file and to make it worse, there is no climax in any of the scams and it ends with the politician and his friends living happily ever after,” he fumed.

“There is no romance, no murders, no twists. It’s just only shitty politics and honestly, we are getting bored,” he added.

When we spoke to the Patron of Uganda Corrupt Politicians Association (UCPA) on phone about the viewer’s demands, he said “Ugandans should mind their own business, pay their tax and shut the hell up” before hanging up.

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    LOL .. yes where are the scams?, there must be one or two .. somewhere .. hehe