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Army could be called in to rescue falling Ugandan Shilling

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Kampala. Latest reports coming from various unreliable corners suggest that the Army has been asked to quickly study economics, finance, forex, markets, etc. because they could soon be called in to rescue and control the falling Ugandan Shilling.

“The immediate task could be to rescue the nose-diving shilling, though we are yet to be officially communicated. The Army is usually called in when civilian efforts fail or a natural disaster strikes. The government is sure that the current economic crisis falls in one of these categories, but are still not sure which one.” the unreliable source told Amawulire.

Unconfirmed reports claim so
Unconfirmed reports claim so

However, sources in the government are sure that it would need the Army’s help in getting the Shilling stronger as most of its other attempts appear to be bearing no fruit.

“The phrase ‘Army called in’ appears to instill more confidence in people than phrases like ‘Government assures’, ‘BOU announces’, ‘GDP per .. ’ etc. so we thought we could try this trick as well,” a source in the Finance Ministry explained.

“No, no, we are not imposing army rule over the economy by calling the army to help us with economics. This is not NAADS. We continue to be a very democratic country and we shall not entertain anyone protesting this move,” he clarified.

“It’s all very confusing, the only Supply I know is food supplies. I thought any other supply was just a rumour. Now I know why MPs appear lost and confused during the reading of the National Budget,” Corporal Sunday Okot said after his seventh Economics class session in one day.