What if it were a Ugandan Airplane that had disappeared?

The events subsequent would be as follows:

1. The media shall report the news. The government will reject the news and say that it has not yet been confirmed.

2. The ruling party will call an emergency caucus meeting in Kyankwanzi. The president shall give each mp UGX 25,000,000 to go and look for the lost Airplane in their constituencies.

3. The police will contact the siblings and neighbours of the pilots and ask them to come in for questioning.

4. Parliament will establish a commission of inquiry to investigate the lost airplane. The commission shall submit a supplementary budget to the parliament to enable it buy cars to go up country to do its job.

5. Three weeks later the inquiry will conclude its investigation. It shall not release the report but shall simply state that there was no wrong doing.

Efforts are underway to find the elusive plane
Efforts are underway to find the elusive plane

6. Five weeks later with the plane not in sight and people blaming the government for doing nothing about the lost plane, a governement spokesperson will create a conspiracy alleging that may be there was no plane.

7. The ruling party will propose a bill in parliament called “the lost plane bill” which shall regard anyone who talks about the plane as unpatriotic and an economic saboteur.

8. MPs will demand for UGX 15,000,000 each to go to their constituencies to consult their people about the bill. It will be given to them.

9. Police will question some opposition politicians about the plane’s whereabouts.

10. Crime preventers will be asked to be on the lookout for the plane. The lost plane will after a month be history. Problem solved.

Source: Facebook

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