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Wife Bans Live Gossip coverage of Husband’s Defiance Campaign

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Ntinda – A wife has slapped a ban on live gossip coverage of her husband’s defiance campaign, saying the activities “are illegal because they are in clear breach of the Interim family Court Order issued by her mother.”

The enraged woman our reporter talked to said the move is geared toward stopping the flow of poisonous messages from his friends advising him to engage in unconstitutional defiance activities including coming home late, drunkardness, cheating and disobedience that would cultivate ground for divorce.

Her brother one J. Kalule said her sister is just enforcing an order issued by the family Court which banned defiance activities spearheaded by her Husband’s friends.

“Any friend or neighbour who attempts to openly gossip about my husband’s defiance campaign will have all friendship ties revocked,” warned the wife on Thursday in Kampala.

The wife was accompanied to the family conference by her mother, brother father and sisters.

Confused husband takes a moment to ponder during the interview
Confused husband takes a moment to ponder during the interview

The mother said she feels that “since this is none of their business, there is need for them to stop poking their nose in my daughter’s marital wars,” adding, “Besides, in the past, such unlawful and acrimonious actions have disrupted families and put the marriages of several people, including lives, at risk.”

The wife added, “As a family court, we have directed my father to ensure that the Interim Order issued by my mother against the ‘defiance Campaign’ organised by my husband and his cohorts should stop forthwith.”

The father advised his son-in-law to “address his grievances through the same family court just like her daughter did about the campaign. He is not above the law.”

The husband has of recent decided to come back home late and drunk every day as part of his defiance campaign in the wake of his wife accusing him of failure to reveal the security pin for his phone and her inability to politely ask her family who have camped at his house for the last 4 months to leave.

The response of his defiance remains poor with her wife, mother-in-law and other family members maintaining a tight intelligence network and heavy deployment in and around the neighborhood and all parts of the house.


The mother-in-law advised that, “If he isn’t pleased with the interim family court order, he has a right to appeal against it through the same court.”

The fresh directive is likely to face stiff resistance from the husband’s friends who have in recent weeks maintained a live coverage of defiance activities both in bars, workplaces and social media.

Already, questions are being asked about the legality of the family court’s decision in relation to the husband’s friends and neighbours right to freedom of speech.

The enraged wife said the question of the legality/illegality of her family’s decision will be decided by the same family court in 30 days.

“This serves as a warning to all his friends on social media especially women who have decided to camp in his inbox lately. I have the duty to preserve stability of my marriage,” she added.

“I have directed all my sisters and girlfriends and Sengas to ensure that the family court order is adhered to especially on social media. They will open hundreds of fake Facebook accounts to counter attack anyone who is giving guts to my husband to proceed with his illegal defiance campaign. It also contradicts the Church court ruling wedding which declared me his one and only legal wife kama mbaya mbaya.”